Interior Design

Mastering the Inside Job

In our view, an indoors area is more than a place where in you do business; it’s a reflection of your commercial enterprise itself… Its culture… Its vision… Its values. It’s our duty to first-class capture the essence of your commercial enterprise in developing your interior space.

Because indoors production has its own specific challenges, Progressive Construction & Trading Pte Ltd has created a group dedicated team for this particular works for interior design Singapore. We understand that both short turnarounds and working in occupied spaces call for a group of professionals who are in constant conversation with customers. Furthermore, it’s our work to keep the project work at the best while complying with the best standards for cleanliness and professionalism in these spaces.

Our indoors production portfolio for interior design company Singapore includes office, warehouse, eating place and retail along with exceedingly technical areas etc. From new, current indoors creation to historic warehouses converted to office and retail space, there’s peace of mind for our customer and people in knowing how we will assist you in reworking on your space to reflect your corporate vision.