Company Profile

Progressive Construction & Trading Pte Ltd is a general contractors, developers, managers or procurement teams to fulfil and connect with customers who want to fulfil their needs on the building projects or requirements.

Our goal is to build on and combine core strengths in our portfolios, to achieve fast and sustainable profitable growth.

Our vision of being an employer and business partner of choice both in the Singapore and beyond is supplemented by sustainability and a quality customer service.

We are one of Singapore’s best and most renovators, offering a wide range of one-stop renovation and service for all our customers. Our services include project management, building construction, refurbishment and integrated furniture as well as interior design and consulting services. Started long back, we worked hard and fortunately achieved a respectable name and position out of our hard work , commitment and dedication in the above-mentioned areas.

We are a company that specializes in project management, construction, renovation and built-in furniture services. We aim to combine and incorporate all of the expertise and experience of our qualified builders and hard workers to offer our potential customers the excellent services.