General Construction

From Concept to Completion

Progressive Construction & Trading Pte Ltd has both the experience and expertise to fulfil the entire project with the usage of the highly effective design-build technique. With this high quality delivery method, we become responsible for each the layout and production phases of your project, making sure that idea and constructability dovetail seamlessly being top construction companies in Singapore.

Unified task flow provides you, the owner, one contract and one point of touch from idea to completion. It is therefore one among the maximum sensible approach of production.

Let us handle the selection and hiring of the layout professionals, coordinating all aspects of the layout itself while maintaining the price range and agenda that we establish with you.

The layout-build method gives us the possibility to bring value-engineering into the design procedure on the onset of your task. Progressive Construction & Trading Pte Ltd will also give inputs on pricing and constructability. In addition, layout-build permits for a tighter schedule, as we frequently have the ability to initiate elements of the project before the full design and layout is complete. When using this method, money and time are saved and risks are removed for our clients.

Let Progressive Construction & Trading Pte Ltd undergo the burden as we count on 100% of the duty for your project while you stay targeted on your each day business enterprise operations. We are proud to be No. 1 property development companies in Singapore